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Clifford E Carnicom
Jan 2012

Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the results of extended observation and analysis of unusual biological conditions that are evident.  Each individual must work with their own health professional to establish any appropriate course of action and any health related comments in this paper are solely for informational purposes and they are from my own perspective.



A viable and tangible strategy to disrupt the growth process of the Morgellons condition, as it exists within the culture form that has been developed, has been established.  This strategy involves the breakdown of certain chemical bonds within an identified proteinaceous complex in a manner that is not harmful to the human body.  The reduction strategy also includes the release of iron that is held within the proteinacous complex in a chelated form.  This strategy has been established with confidence and a repetition of results.  The current work will be applied next directly to oral human samples.  Much time, energy and resources will be required to further investigate, verify and apply this strategy. The preliminary results and the theories are promising at this stage.

biuret iron

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protein graph

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A note to the staff of the Institute tonight (Dec. 2, 2011); this will give some idea as to some of the work in progress…

The existence of a protein within the culture growths has now been established with confidence tonight. I had to do work to eliminate questions of potential contaminants that might have distorted the results. It is also a process of much patience with chromatography, literally drip by drip over many days for each test that is set up. It has taken about 1 1/2 to 2 months to get to this point.

Existence of a protein is eventually of equal importance as that of the iron work. We now have iron and the protein as two primary and identified constituents. This work will raise more questions that it answers, but we need to live with this for now until future means and equipment and methods work their way in. One more reliable way of putting a stop to this fellow is to truly understand the biochemistry and the life cycle of growth; there is then a better chance of interfering with that cycle in a known manner.

The existence of a protein means there is DNA behind it. As you can imagine, the work has actually just begun if we can get these means. Next questions would be what type of protein, what is the function of the protein(s), sequencing of the proteins, etc. Right along with it would be the isolation of DNA, electrophoresis work, etc.  An infra-red spectrophotometer would be a very useful piece of equipment for us on an ongoing basis – we are having to work very hard to get certain results that would be more apparent with the right equipment.

I may put this comment on the paper to get the process started, otherwise I have so many to write I will never get to any of them at the current rate…


 A positive Biuret protein test result

A positive Biuret protein test result using a separation of elute from the chromatography column. The sample material is based upon a culture from oral filaments.  The original extraction from the chromatography column is to the left; the positive Biuret result for the existence of a protein is shown on the right with the purple color.  Successful separation on the column has been achieved using various combinations of solvents in combination with a stationary phase

A positive Biuret test result using whey

A positive Biuret test result using whey (lactoferrin) protein for control purposes.  A positive test results in the purplish color shown above.  The Biuret test depends on a copper complex that forms between the protein (peptide bonds) and copper sulfate and an alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide.


The morphology, metabolism and life cycle of the “Morgellons” organism, as defined by this researcher, is increasingly being understood.  There are now three scenarios that can be provided that encompass the majority of the understanding that has been achieved.  

The first of these examines a similarity of form, at least in part, to a dimorphic fungal-like organism.  

The second considers the joint existence of bacterial-like and fungal-like organisms in a symbiotic relationship.  

The last raises the spectre of a genetically created or designed organism.  

Each of these scenarios has certain strengths, weaknesses and probabilities of occurrence.  There can also be a degree of overlap between these alternative interpretations.  This paper will discuss what has been discovered, within these three scenarios,  that helps us to potentially define the nature of this unusual organism.

morphology 1

morphology 2

morphology 3

morphology 4

morphology 5

morphology 6

morphology 7

morphology 8

morphology 9

morphology 10

morphology 11

morphology 12

morphology 13

morphology 12

morphology 13


The magnetic (and consequently, the electromagnetic) properties of the primary Morgellons growth form are now proven in a direct fashion.  The video segments below show the response of both the culture derived form and the oral sample to a strong magnetic field.  These demonstrations will call into consideration each of the papers written on the subject of electromagnetics by this researcher.  One such topic will be the extended research that has been done that reveals the ambient presence of unaccounted Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) energy over a testing period of several years.  The human electromagnetic system operates primarily within the ELF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The sensitivity and response of the Morgellons growth form to the electromagnetic spectrum is another of the many primary fields of research that requires funding, resources and skilled personnel to complete.  The identified presence of iron and ferromagnetic compounds within the growth forms establishes the basis of this future research, along with the direct demonstration of the magnetic response shown below:

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dna 1 dna 2 dna 3

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serbia 1 serbia 2
serbia 3
serbia 4 serbia 5
serbia 6 serbia 7
serbia 8


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column 1

column 2




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Starch Gel Electrophoresis Applied to Proteinacous Samples : Initial Tests Underway



Starch Gel Electrophoresis : Trial Runs of Test Dyes and Blood Sample.   Left photograph shows methylene blue dye migration towards the negative terminal. Arrows on right photograph depict origins of placement.  Blood sample shows both positive and negative charged protein component separation at lower portion of right photograph.  Eosin test case on upper left of right photograph; migration toward positive terminal  Methods remain under development; no successful separation of presumed culture based proteinacous component at this time.

To be continued.


Another test method has been developed to detect and establish the presence of iron in the Fe3+ state within the culture growth that is based upon the oral samples.  The test is positive.  The further significance of this test is that it has been applied directly to the proteinaceous complex that has been extracted from the culture with the use of column chromatography.  This further substantiates the case that the proteinaceous complex itself contains iron in the ferric state and that this iron is bound to certain amino acids that are under examination as candidates.   It will be possible to determine the concentration of the iron within the proteinaceous complex through spectrometry.  The test is based upon the use of ammonium thioglycolate.

Clifford E Carnicom
(born Clifford Bruce Stewart Jan 19 1953)


Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 08 2011

Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the results of extended observation and analysis of unusual biological conditions that are evident.  Each individual must work with their own health professional to establish any appropriate course of action and any health related comments in this paper are solely for informational purposes and they are from my own perspective.

A new, or modified, form of cultured growth has been developed from human oral filament samples that are characteristic of the so-called “Morgellons” condition.  Three unique features characterize this particular filament type of culture growth:

1. The growth rate is explosive, transforming itself from a film layer to a dense sheet of filaments as shown below within a 24 hour period.

2.  The growth type, and/or the growth rate, appears to be dependent upon the introduction of a specific visible light frequency range into the culture process.

3. The size, i.e., diameter, of the “filaments” is much greater than that previously studied in detail on this site.

The photographs from the laboratory session will now be described in greater detail below:

frequency 1

The new, or modified, filament growth culture that has developed.  The origin of the culture is a human oral filament sample.  The culture medium is red wine. The bulk of the growth that is shown here occurred within a 24 hour period, with an incubation period of approximately 5 to 7 days. The only known variation in the culturing process, relative to previous culture work over recent years, is subjecting the culture to a specific frequency range of visible light.  The frequency (blue light) has been chosen as a result of spectral analyses that have recently been conducted and reported on in this site.

One of the more important findings of this current research is that the application of certain frequencies, or their harmonics, may play a highly significant role in the various manifestations that the underlying “organism” may assume.  This may act in a highly detrimental fashion to the host; in this case, the human being.  The rate of growth of the organism under the conditions investigated here may also seriously hinder any efforts to mitigate or inhibit its influence within the human body.  The research also points out the extreme risks that may exist in “experimenting” with the use of frequency protocols without proper controls and without knowledge of the underlying physiological and physical processes involved.  

As one example of consideration, the speed of an electromagnetic wave within the body is a variable and therefore any frequency or its harmonic that is under consideration is also expected to vary by target location. The discovery reported here adds a new layer of complexity to the research that has been discussed on this site.

A close-up view of the modified growth form that has been developed. The growth rate of this form is remarkable and the topology of the culture is quite complex under higher magnification.   At this point, no additional information on the internal nature of the growth is known.  Additional microscopic and spectral analyses will need to be conducted in the future to determine if there is correspondence with previous growth forms that have been analyzed in detail. The circumstances of growth are identical to that of previous work, i.e., the introduction of human oral filament samples within a red wine base; what differs is the illumination of the petri culture dishes with light of a specific frequency chosen from earlier absorption analysis. It will be noticed that a strong and sharp absorption peak at approximately 375 nanometers (nm) has been identified in the previous report; this corresponds to the blue portion of the visible light spectrum. Tentative work some months past involving the use of this frequency range was applied and observed effects upon culture growth were observed.  As a result of the more exact, detailed and verified spectral analysis of recent weeks, the determination of the influence of this frequency has been pursued with greater vigor.  Magnification 10x.

frequency 4

Another close-up view of the modified growth form that has been developed.  To find a commercially available source at the appropriate wavelength of approximately 375 nanometers, it is found that an “actinic” lamp is sufficiently close to merit application. Actinic fluorescent lamps are commonly available for aquarium lighting, as they reproduce the light range that is suitable for coral growth.  Notice the absorption spectrum presented remains sufficiently pronounced and localized to accommodate the 420 nm wavelength; practice has shown that a measurable effect is apparent with its use. Magnification 10x.

frequency 5

A photograph of the sheen, or film-like layer that develops on the wine culture surface immediately prior to the explosive growth stage that takes place. The early stages of folding and rippling of the surface can be seen.  The incubation period to reach this stage is approximately 5 days under the current environmental conditions established.  Growth is then extremely rapid, and envelops the entire surface of the dish with filaments as shown above within a 24 hour period.  One of the effects that appears to result from the use of the actinic lamp is a very sharp increase in the rate of the culture growths in general.  The cultures in the past have usually required several weeks to even several months to develop; all cultures under examination in this report have produced visible results within a week of time.  The central lighted region of the dish is the light stage of the microscope underneath the culture dish.

frequency 6

Another close-up view of the modified growth form that has been developed
Magnification approximately 3x.

frequency 7

An oral filament sample that has been isolated from the red wine extraction fluid.  This isolation occurs by a process of decanting and dilution, and is relatively pure in this state within water.  Notice the color of the wine is absorbed by the materials.  This sample material provides the basis for further culture work and spectral analysis.

frequency 11

The test tube filament sample, as shown in the previous photograph, can be used to generate further cultures and to conduct spectral analyses. One method of preparing a culture is to simply place the material within red wine as a culture medium. This is the method used in setting up the culture dishes shown earlier in this report. Another method of preparing the sample for further analysis is to heat it (to the boiling point) within a lye (sodium hydroxide) solution. The advantage of this method is that it appears to be reasonably successful in breaking down the exterior casing of the filament and allows for examination of the internal components. It also allows for extraction of the more fundamental(interior) components for use in the culture process.


The images that are shown in this set are a product of the heat and lye degradation process. This allows for extraction of the chlamydia-archaea-bacterial like component that resides within the filament structure. It therefore allows for examination of culture development at a more primitive, or base, level. In addition, these cultures in a red wine solution have been modified with the weak addition of iron sulfate and hydrogen peroxide. It has been found that these additions accelerate the growth rate of the cultures as has been described previously. The hydroxyl radical appears to be a significant fact in this increased growth rate. There is very good reason to believe that the “organism” can use both iron and calcium for its sustenance; this will have to be elaborated upon in later reports. In addition, the introduction of the blue wavelength light appears to be an additional accelerating factor in the culture growth rate. The section reflecting light on the right side of the petri dish is a young network of filaments that are beginning to form within the culture.

filament 1 filament 2 filament 3

This final section of photographs is a close-up of the young filament network referred to in the previous photograph on the right side of the set.  The photograph is taken at the surface level of the wine solution.  The individual filaments of the emerging network can be identified.  The use of accelerating factors in the growth rate of the cultures with the use of Fenton’s reaction and blue light appears to offer significant benefits in the turnover rate for future culture research.  In the past, the development of the filament network can take weeks to even months to develop; in the case of this report all culture developments have taken place within a week of time.  Magnification is estimated at approximately 100x.


Clifford E Carnicom
Jun 08 2005


Recent work indicates the very real possibility of sources for interference in the metabolism of the potassium ion within the human body. This interference is based upon the detection of continuous and apparently artificial ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) propagation at 4Hz multiples. The fifth harmonic of this radiation, detected at 20Hz, corresponds to the cyclotronic frequency of the potassium ion in the mid latitude ranges of the globe. Readers are referred to a previous article1 and to the work of Dr. Robert Becker for additional information on this subject.


Further inquiry on the attempt to increase potassium levels in the diet has revealed some unexpected findings. If one were to assume, hypothetically, that a potassium deficiency exists in a particular person, it might also be considered reasonable for that individual to seek out a potassium supplement, in addition to the investigation of changes in the diet. Such a search has been conducted, and the results have been unexpected.


In the case of magnesium or calcium, there does not appear to be any difficulty in the purchase of minimum daily requirement supplements for these minerals. They are readily available at this time. Upon examining all potassium supplements at the local health food store, regardless of brand, it was soon noticed that no products were available that provided a level of potassium greater than 3% of the recommended daily allowance for potassium. This was somewhat unexpected, as the hypothetical case assumes there is a deficiency in potassium and seeks a remedy for that situation. One can then easily determine that roughly 33 tablets a day of commercially available potassium supplements would be required to reach the recommended daily allowance. This would appear to be neither reasonable or sensible.


Further investigation then reveals that the maximum amount of potassium supplement available to the U.S. consumer is 99 milligrams, apparently due to a Food and Drug regulation. The difficulty arises when one consults the standards of recommended daily allowances for that same mineral as established by that same agency, the FDA. Although conflicting statements appear to be in place, the FDA labeling standard is set at 3500 mg per day, or 3.5 grams2. The US Department of Agriculture appears to recommend approximately 4000 mg, or 4 gms per day3.  Furthermore, it is recently reported that “in February of 2004, after an extensive review of scientific literature, the Institute of Medicine set the Adequate Intake of potassium for adults at 4.7 grams a day – more than double previous estimates. However, more than 90% of American children and adults are not meeting these recommendations.”4


The supplements that are available to the public through sources examined are limited to 99 mg, or 0.099 gms. The public may purchase, as a supplement, 0.099 gms vs 3.5 gms that is RECOMMENDED per day. It is a natural and reasonable question to ask why this is the case.


This paper does not presume to answer that question. It does however, raise the question, along with a few others. Not claiming any medical expertise, it is not difficult to ascertain that potassium levels that are too low in the body may present medical difficulties such as heart failure, fatigue, muscular weakness and depression5. By the same token, excessive levels of potassium can also induce serious medical conditions, such as heart attacks.   Allergic responses from electrolytic imbalances may also deserve consideration.  Notwithstanding, let it also be established that the NLM and the NIH clearly state that “Potassium supplementation should never be taken without the approval of a health care provider.” This paper is informative only, and does not advocate any specific medical advice or action.


It may well be that the public requires protective and limited access to adequate levels of potassium supplements for legitimate health reasons.  It may also be that they do not, and that adequate supplement levels should be more readily available to the public.  It may be that an informed public is quite capable of managing nutritional intakes of this mineral in a dietary or supplemental fashion, along with any medical expertise that is sought.


The concern of this paper, however, is threefold:


1. It would appear that the American popular diet is likely to be low in potassium levels, given that primary sources for potassium include many greens, fruits and beans.  It appears in contrast that the popular diet is often in excess of sodium, which can also lead to additional medical difficulties such as high blood pressure.  Reduced sodium diets are advocated in many cases as a means of improving the health of many individuals.


2. In the case of potassium deficiency, it appears to be difficult to remedy that situation through the use of over-the-counter potassium supplements.  The potassium supplement levels available to the public are a minuscule fraction of those available for other common minerals needed for health in the human body.  It is not known whether this limitation is common knowledge to the public or not; the reason for this limitation is not known to this researcher, beyond the concerns that have been expressed.


3. A case has been made that potassium interference over large regions of the earth affecting large populations is now possible, if not expected6.


Each of these conditions leads to a scenario where the primary mineral intake levels of the human body deserve a much closer examination, along with the medical effects from their deficiency or excess.   Potassium is critical and essential for the functioning of the human body.  The combined effects and interactions of all primary electrolytes in the human are to be considered in this evaluation, especially those of potassium, magnesium and calcium.  It is a fact that the role of the aerosol operations, with all of its consequences to human and planetary health, must be confronted in this pursuit.


Clifford E Carnicom
Jun 08, 2005



1. Carnicom, Potassium Interference Expected,, May 2005.
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Additional Notes:


Alternative sources for additional potassium salts, not limited to the 99 mg commercial supplement version, do exist.  Examples of such sources include potassium salt substitute products and potassium based water treatment salts.  


No medical advice or recommendation for action is included within this report. It is reaffirmed that supplements of any kind are not recommended or advised from this researcher, and that medical expertise should be sought in addressing any medical concerns.



Clifford E Carnicom
May 15 2005


It is to be expected that specific ions that are important to human health are in the process of being affected on a large scale geographic basis.  This premise is based upon the principle of “cyclotronic resonance”, a phenomenon which occurs when charged particles are subjected to low frequency radiation in the presence of a magnetic field.  Each of these mechanisms is in place, and the documentation of ambient Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation at a fundamental frequency of 4Hz, along with several harmonics,1 adds a critical component.  This radiation,  in addition to the earth’s magnetic field,  provides the physical mechanisms to induce this resonance for specific nutrient ions within the human body.


The emphasis in this report is upon the potassium ion, which is of fundamental importance to human health.  Although there are additional ions which deserve discussion at a later point, the primary ranking of potassium in human biology is of special concern.


The reader is referred to the following statement by Dr. Robert. O. Becker:


Cyclotronic resonance is a mechanism of action that enables very low strength electromagnetic fields, acting in concert with the Earth’s geomagnetic field, to produce major biological effects by concentrating the energy in the applied field upon specific particles, such as the biologically important ions of sodium, calcium, potassium and lithium“.2


It is shown within this report that the potassium ion is specifically expected to incur biological interference within people over large regions of the earth’s surface.  This is due to the fact that the fifth harmonic of the ELF that has been repeatedly measured over a period of several years corresponds to the cyclotronic resonant frequency of potassium.  This fifth harmonic, along with numerous other harmonics is a regular component of the ELF radiation that under measurement at this time.  This expected interference, albeit intentional or not, can be shown to exist based upon the principles and physics of cyclotronic resonance, a phenomenon well established3 in classical electromagnetic theory.


 Measured 20Hz ELF Signal - Spectral Analysis
Measured 20Hz ELF Signal – Spectral Analysis
12 May 2005



Additional Notes:


The physical conditions required to achieve cyclotronic resonance with a certain ion are very specific.  They require a unique combination of charge on the particle, a specific mass of the particle, a specific magnetic field strength and a specific introduced electromagnetic frequency into the environment.  The current examination shows such combinations to be few in number, but potentially very important if they are found to exist.  The importance of the potassium ion to human health has prompted this initial disclosure so that the process can be examined more fully.  Additional ions are under examination.  The consideration of an additional resonance phenomena, that of nuclear magnetic resonance, is also underway.


With respect to cyclotronic resonance, the equation for the resonant condition occurs at4:


whz = ( q * B ) / (2 * pi * m)




whz is the cyclotronic resonant frequency in cycles per second (Hz)


q is the electric charge on the particle in Coulombs


B is the strength of the magnetic field in Teslas


and m is the mass of the particle in kilograms.


To approach this problem, we are interested in the special cases where the resonant frequency to be determined is 4hz, or a multiple of 4hz (harmonic).  The harmonics have been measured up to 28-32hz (7th and 8th harmonics) with regularity.


Therefore we can set up the problem as:


(4 * n)  = (Z *q * B ) / (2 * pi * m)


where n is the harmonic under consideration ( n =1 is the fundamental frequency of 4hz), and Z is the valence of the ion.


Our end goal will be to determine what atomic masses correspond to the 4hz frequency multiples, as that will identify any specific ions of concern.  The charge on the particle will be the product of the valence of the ion with the charge of an electron (e).  The charge of an electron is 1.6E-19 coulombs, and the valences of some common ions under investigation are K+1, Mg+2, Ca+2, Ba+2, for example.


The magnetic field strength varies to some degree across the earth’s surface. A reasonable estimate for the strength of the magnetic field in the United States is approximately .5 gauss, or 5E-5 Teslas.  Values of the magnetic field strength over the earth’s surface can be estimated with geomagnetic models that are available to the public5.  A current estimate for the magnetic field strength in the Santa Fe, NM area is 5.06E-5 Teslas.


The mass of an atom is equal to the atomic mass in grams per mole times 1E-3, divided by Avogadro’s number, 6.02E23.


Therefore, the equation can be rewritten in more convenient terms as:


atomic mass number in gms = ( Z * q * B * 6.02E23 ) / (4 * n * 2 * pi * 1E-3)


Our problem, is to find those combinations of Z (valence) and n (harmonic multiples) that result in an atomic mass number that corresponds to the reality of a known element.


It will be found that the K+ ion satisfies this equation very closely for the magnetic field strength of much of the mid-latitude regions of the globe.


Specifically, if Z = + 1, B = 5.06E-5 Teslas, and n = 5 (fifth harmonic corresponding to 20Hz), the atomic mass number that results is 38.8 gms.


The atomic mass number for the most common isotope of potassium is 39.0gms6.  Equivalently, the cyclotronic frequency that corresponds to the atomic mass number of 39.0gms in the magnetic field examined is 19.9Hz.  Such unique combinations are not common, but they do occur.  They are of concern with respect to human biological function and interference, as these ions will absorb energy and can lead to the disruption of cellular ion exchange processes.


It can also be expected that variations in the magnetic field of the earth can lead to other potential resonance conditions in various regions or latitudes.  It is therefore not unexpected to find large regional health issues that will correlate with variations in the magnetic field strength of the earth.  Certain ions are expected to be disrupted in some areas of the globe more than others.


It should be remembered that the true cause for concern here is introduced Extremely Low Frequency radiation that makes this condition possible in the first place.  


On a more personal note, it may be found that supplementing the diet with chelated forms of magnesium, calcium and potassium can be beneficial, especially in relation to allergic conditions. Readers may wish to examine further the relationships between positive ion increases and allergic conditions that have been reported7. A deficiency of potassium is known to cause fatique.8 The body’s ability to manage both potassium and magnesium levels appears to be strongly linked; additional symptoms of potassium deficiency include depression, cognitive impairment, nervousness and insomnia9.  Excess of potassium can also lead to significant complications.


More complex resonance conditions, such as those involving the 60Hz power grid and the modified atmosphere, are also under examination and may be reported on in the future.  The primal importance of the potassium ion has prompted the issuance of this report.


Clifford E Carnicom
May 15, 2005






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ELF 2005 :
Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, NM
May 13 2005

The detection of sustained Extremely Low Frequency radiation is positively confirmed. A fundamental frequency of 4 cycles per second (Hz) is established, along with the harmonics of that frequency, 8Hz, 12Hz, 16Hz, 20Hz, etc. . The indication is that this phenomenon is expected to be global in scope, due to the extreme wavelengths associated with these frequencies. This is further confirmed by the orientation of the maximum field strength in the direction of the magnetic field lines of the earth.

The detection of this radiation puts forth the foreboding prospect of many applications and implications, including those of military, biological, psychological, health, energy, weapon systems and geophysical natures. The discovery of this fundamental frequency has profound geophysical implications as the Schumann frequency, i.e, the natural resonant frequency of the earth, is itself being exceeded in wavelength. There is no known natural source for its origin at this time.

ELF 2005 :
Spectral Graph of 4Hz and Harmonic Ambient ELF Propagation
12 May 2005

The initial stages of this work were conducted from November 2002 to April 2003. Approximately two dozen papers outlining that research exist on this site. Extended research into the conductivity changes in our modified atmosphere has necessitated a return to this topic. The repeated detection of this radiation over a 2 1/2 year period indicates that this represents a continuous and fundamental change in the global electromagnetic environment.

As there is extensive literature and evidence on the potentially detrimental biological, psychological and health effects upon humans of this radiation type, the international community is requested to openly investigate, locate and determine the source of this energy. Should it be determined to be of artificial origin, the intent and purpose of this radiation is subject to public challenge. The use of ELF pulse energy with ionospheric heaters may serve as a starting point for this investigation.  Environmental monitoring and protection is a right of the citizen.

Clifford E Carnicom
May 13, 2005

Additional Notes:

The radiation has now been measured by three completely different techniques over extensive time periods, including the use of a loop antenna -amplifier circuit in the time domain, an analog resonant circuit in combination with a sensitive gaussmeter and frequency generator, and the spectral analysis of the ELF-VLF receiver signal.

The location of this research is in the southwestern United States.

The reception of these apparently continuous signals can now be verified in a number of different ways:

Details of the ELF-VLF receiver circuit that has been built are available on this site; there have been minor experimental modifications to circuit components over time.  A outside loop antenna of approximately 12H has been constructed to replace the original inductor. The ELF-VLF circuit has now been used in both the time and spectral domains with equivalent results.  The ELF-VLF receiver detects the fundamental, the odd and the even harmonics during recent tests.

The analog method can be verified with the construction of a resonant coil capacitor circuit. The resonant frequency should be established in the range of the frequencies under measurement. It will be found that an injection of the fundamental frequency or the odd  harmonics will induce a visibly detectable oscillation of the gaussmeter needle when the pickup coil is placed in the vicinity of the coil of the LC circuit; oscillation will not occur at non-resonant frequencies. The 60Hz power signal is relatively powerful and simple to detect with this method. The analog method appears to produce primarily the odd harmonics ( 1,3,5) and the fundamental frequency for measurement. At approximately 30Hz it becomes increasingly difficult to separate out the components of the ambient 60Hz power signal.

CONDUCTIVITY: The Air, The Water, and The Land

The Air, The Water, and The Land
Clifford E Carnicom
April 15, 2005

A  rainfall laboratory test recently received from a rural location in the Midwestern United States has refocused attention on the electrolytic, ionic and conductive properties of environmental samples in connection with the aerosol operations.  These “interesting characteristics” of solids in our atmosphere have a more direct and down to earth impact as their nature is better understood.  This is nothing less than the changing of the air, the water and the soil of this planet.  All life is eventually to be affected as it continues.

A laboratory report has been received that documents unusually high levels of calcium and potassium within a rain sample.1   Previous work has demonstrated unexpected levels of barium and magnesium.   The continuous presence of easily ionizable salts at higher concentrations within atmospheric samples has many ramifications upon the environment.  A brief introduction to the severe health impact of this category of particulates has also been made on this site. Current work is now dedicated to the impact that these materials are having upon not only upon the atmosphere, but upon the water and soil as well.  All inhabitants of this planet will eventually confront, voluntarily or not, the consequences of the actions that are being allowed to degrade the viability and habitability of our home.

The burden of testing for the problems underway does not fall upon any private citizen, as the resources are not available to support it.  Nevertheless, testing and analysis does continue in whatever way is  possible.  Accountability must eventually fall to those public servants and agencies entrusted with protection of the general welfare and environment.  It should not be assumed that there is infinite time available to ponder the strategies of improvement and the solutions for remedy.  We shall all bear the final price for any condonement of what has been allowed to pass.

Now, for the more immediate particulars:

A series of conductivity tests have been conducted with recent heavy snowfall samples collected in New Mexico and Arizona. Conductivity is a means to measure the ionic concentration within a solution. These tests have been performed with the use of a calibrated conductivity meter in conjunction with calibrated seawater solutions. A series of electrolysis tests have also been completed with these same samples and calibrated solutions.

These tests demonstrate conclusively the presence of reactive metal hydroxides (salts) in concentrations sufficient to induce visible electrolysis in all recent snowfall samples encountered2.  

Precipitates result if reactive electrodes are used; air filtration tests have produced these same results in even more dramatic fashion from the solids that have been collected.  Highly significant electrolytic reactions occur in the case when the solid materials from the atmosphere are concentrated and then placed into solution.  Rainfall is expected to be one of the purest forms of water available, especially in the rural and high mountain sites that have been visited.  Rainfall from such “clean” environments is not expected to support electrolysis is any significant fashion3, and conductivity is expected to be on the order of 4-10uS4. Current conductivity readings are in the range of approximately 15 to 25uS. These values may not appear to be extraordinarily large, however any increase in salt content, especially with the use of remote samples, will need to be considered with respect to the cumulative effect upon the land.  These results do indicate an increase in conductivity on the order of 2-3 times, and the effects of increased salinity on plant life will merit further discussion.

Beyond the indicated increase in conductivity levels of sampled precipitation, there are two additional important results from the current study. The first is the ability to make an analytic estimate of the concentration of ionic salts within the regional atmosphere.  The results do appear to be potentially significant from an air quality perspective and with respect to the enforcement (or lack thereof) of existing standards.   The second is the introduction of the principle of “ohmic heating”, which in this case allows for increased conductivity of the atmosphere as a result of an introduced current.

First, with respect to estimated concentrations of ionic salt forms in the atmosphere, the principle is as follows.  The methods demonstrate that our focus is upon reactive metal hydroxide forms (barium hydroxide, for example).  Conductivity is proportional to ionic concentration.  Although a conductivity meter is especially useful over a wide range of concentrations, special care is required when dealing with the weak saline forms of precipitation as they now exist.  It has been found that current flow as measured by a sensitive ammeter (µamps) appears to be useful in assessing the conductivity of the weak saline solution.  The results have been confirmed and duplicated with the use of the calibrated conductivity meter. The use of on ohm meter to measure resistance is found from both experience and from the literature to not be reliable without much caution, due to complications of heating and/or polarization.  Weak saline solutions appear to have their own interesting characteristics with respect to introduced currents, and this topic will come to the forefront when ohmic heating is discussed.

A series of weak sea saltwater solutions have been carefully prepared for use in calibrating both the conductivity meter and the ammeter.  These solutions are in strengths of 0.56%, 1.51% and 3.01% respectively.  Many tests have also been completed with refined water samples as well as seawater equivalents.  Conductivity is proportional to concentration levels, especially as it has been bracketed with a variety of solutions in the range of expected measurements.  Measurements currently estimate the saline concentration of the precipitation samples at approximately 0.041%.  Salt concentrations in any amount are extremely influential to conductivity.  

Assuming an equivalency in density of the precipitation salts to sea salts, this results in an expected concentration level of approximately 15 milligrams per liter.  For comparison purposes, rainwater in Poker Flats, Alaska is reported as approximately 1mg/liter for all dissolved ions; the contribution from reactive metal compounds is a small fraction of that total.  Highly polluted rain over Los Angeles CA is reported at approximately 4mg/liter, with approximately 1mg/liter composed of the reactive metals.5  Simulated rainfall samples report concentration levels of approximately 4 and 21 mg/liter respectively, presumed to reflect reasonably clean and polluted samples respectively6.  In all cases cited, the contribution from reactive metal ions is quite small relative to the whole, and sulfate, nitrate and chloride ions are the largest contributors to the pollutants.    Testing here indicates the composition of the precipitate pollutants may be biased toward the reactive metal ion concentrations.

The next objective is to translate the measured and estimated concentration level to an equivalent density, or particulate count, within the atmosphere.  This method is based upon saturation levels for moisture within the atmosphere.  Air at a given temperature can only hold so much water.

From the Smithsonian Meteorological Tables, the saturation density is given as:7

saturation density = 216.68 * (ew / (Cv * T) )

where ew is the saturation vapor pressure in millibars, T is temperature in Kelvin, and Cv is the compressibility factor.  Cv is 1.0000 to the level of precision required.

From Saucier8, the saturation vapor pressure in millibars with respect to water is estimated as:

 es = 6.11 * 10(a*t)/(t+b)

where a = 7.5
b = 237.3

and t is degrees Centigrade.

Therefore, the saturation density can be stated as:

density (gms /m3) = [ 216.68 * es / K

and the density in gms / m3 of salt particulate in the air can be estimated as:

gms / m3 = Conductivity Estimate of Solids (in gms per liter) * (RH% / 100) * Saturation Density * 1E-3

and in µgms:

µgms = gms / m3 * 1E6

and as an example, if the solid density is .015 gms / liter and the temperature is 15 deg centigrade and humidity is 50%, the estimate of particulate concentration from the salts is 96µgms / m3.  This concentration will vary directly with altitude (temperature) and humidity levels.

The estimates show that at ground levels and temperatures it is quite possible that the EPA air quality standards for particulate matter are no longer being met.  This determination will also depend on the size of the particles in question, as EPA standards vary according to size (PM2.5 and PM10 respectively).  All analyses indicate that the size of the aerosols under examination are sub-micron, and if so, this makes the problem more acute.  Air quality standards for comparison to various scenarios are available9 to examine the relationship that has been developed. Unfortunately, the failures of United States government agencies now require the independent audit of EPA data and presentation.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is especially culpable in this regard, and the enforcement of existing standards is a serious topic of controversy.

Finally, let us introduce the subject of ohmic heating.  The behavior of electric currents within weak saline solutions has many points of interest.  During the testing for this report, it was observed that the conductivity of weak saline solutions noticeably increased over time when these solutions were subjected to a weak electric current. It appears that the most likely source of this conductivity is a phenomenon known as ohmic heating.  In plasma physics, ohmic heating is the energy imparted to charged particles as they respond to an electric field and make collisions with other particles.  A classic definition would be the heating that results from the flow of current through a medium with electrical resistance.  Please recall the difficulty of using an ohmmeter to measure conductivity in a solution; this difficulty was realized in the trials of this report.

Metals are known to increase their resistance with the introduction of an electric current.  As the metal becomes hotter, resistance increases and conductivity decreases.  Salt water and plasmas are quite interesting in that the opposite effect occurs.  The conductivity of salt water increases when temperature increases.  The same effect occurs within a plasma; an increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the resistance.10, i.e, the conductivity increases.  Introduction of an electric current into the plasma, or salt water for that matter, will increase the temperature and therefore the conductivity will also increase.  This is in opposition to our normal experience with metals and conductors.

In the past, conductivity studies have focused on the ability of the reactive metals to lose ions through the photoionization process.  This remains a highly significant aspect of the aerosol research.

The importance of this study is that a second factor has now been introduced into the conductivity equation, and that is the introduction of electric current itself into the plasma state. This research, through direct observation and analysis,  has inadvertently turned attention once again to the HAARP facility, where ohmic heating is stated within the Eastlund patent to be a direct contributor to atmospheric conductivity increase.  All evidence indicates that this plasma is saline based, which further propagates the hypothesis of increased conductivity in the atmosphere with the introduction of electric current, in addition to that provided by photoionization.

A future presentation will examine the changes in the conductivity of our soil, in addition to that of our air and water.

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Mar 15 2005

A laboratory analysis of a rainwater sample from a rural location in the midwestern U.S. has been received.  This lab report reveals extremely high levels of potassium and calcium within the sample. Comparative studies have been done and they show that the calcium concentration is a minimum of 5 times greater, and that the potassium level is a minimum of 15 times greater than that which has been reported1 in the polluted skies of Los Angeles, California.

It may be supposed that higher levels of such minerals in our atmosphere pose no immediate threat or concern; an examination of the physical processes likely to take place, however, shows exactly the opposite to be the case.  A search of the literature commonly reveals that an excess of positive ions in the atmosphere is detrimental to human health. 2,3,4,5

Examination of the aerosol issue has, almost from the beginning, focused on the important properties of the metallic elements of Groups I and II of the periodic table.  The attention has arisen because of the ease by which such elements are ionized.  This ionization will take place in the majority of cases quite readily with the energy available from ultra-violet light and, in some cases, from visible light alone.  It will be found6 that calcium and potassium, with a special emphasis upon potassium, are easily ionized with the energy available from either visible or ultra-violet sunlight.

A partial list of the effects of ion disturbances upon human health include, as a minimum, the following:

1. Impairment of the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, leading to headaches, asthma attacks, reduced circulation in the brain and emotional irritability.

2. The development of allergies.  Ionized air is associated with the following conditions : allergic bronchitis, allergic sinusitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic respiratory tract allergies.  It may also be recalled7 that “chronic lower respiratory disease” now ranks as the third leading cause of death in this country, and that it continues to climb in this ranking.

3. High levels of serotonin in the bloodstream, triggered by excessive numbers of positive ions in the environment.

4. A reduction in the body’s ability to filter airborne contaminants from lung tissue.

Direct research from this site alone now documents unexpected levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium and barium.  A common thread between all of these elements is the ease of ionization that characterizes Group I and Group II elements of the periodic table.  Magnesium  oxide is also of value as a dispersal agent8 in aerosol operations. The existence of barium levels is of special concern because of the high toxicity of water soluble forms. Candidates for further and future testing,  include strontium, aluminum and titanium. The acquisition of an ion counter will be a valuable instrument to further this research; if anyone is in a position to provide or loan this device please feel free to contact me.

The importance of ionization with respect to the electromagnetic aspects of the aerosol operations has been extensively discussed and documented on this site.

The laboratory report received establishes an even deeper basis for further atmospheric and rainwater testing.  More importantly, the burden and obligation of governmental and public agencies to meet citizen demand for reestablishing the health of our atmosphere and planet remain as strong as ever.  The chronic failure of adequate response by these same public agencies requires that this accountability be accompanied by independent, non-vested verification.  It is hoped that the citizens will continue to exert this pressure for the public welfare.

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Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 13 2003
Edited Dec 17 2003


A summary of preliminary findings is presented; adequate time for full presentation and documentation of efforts does not exist at this time. The focus of current research is upon the geophysical and energy implications of the aerosol operations.

Analysis of time deviations over a five month period continues to indicate the very real possibility of a decrease in the rotational rate of the earth. An analysis of historical data from the U.S. Naval Observatory and the International Earth Rotation Service justifies the pursuit of this topic. The variations within the historical data are statistically significant to an extremely high level. More recent research indicates not only the possibility of a measurable deceleration component, but of a non-linear component as well. The prospect of a increasing deceleration component is therefore under serious consideration, and it remains supported by all independently available data from this researcher. Small changes in time will translate to large changes in the kinetic energy of the earth, and geophysical events of greater magnitude and disturbance are expected as a result. The data indicates the possibility of increasing differences of time (rotational vs. atomic standards) with projected geophysical effects.

Initial investigations have been conducted on historical Schumann frequency data. The data indicates an increase in this frequency over the recent period of several years that has been examined. Popularly circulated stated changes of the Schumann frequency on the order of several hertz appear to be completely unsubstantiated. Changes on the order of a a fraction of a hertz from a reference value of approximately 7.8Hz are realistically under consideration. The literature shows a measured relationship between changes in Schumann frequency and the electron density of the ionosphere. A reasonable interpretation of the increase in the Schumann frequency results from an increase in electron density of both the atmosphere and the lower atmosphere as a primary objective of the aerosol operations. A conservative first estimate of the increase in electron density is on the order of 8% over the last five years; small changes in electron density dramatically alter the electromagnetic characteristics of a plasma. The remarkable electromagnetic properties of the ionosphere are evidence of that fact.

Energy levels of the HAARP facility act a level commensurate with solar storms. It is expected that the HAARP facility can therefore effect a global geophysical impact, including both electron density and energy state changes of the ionosphere and atmosphere.

Increased solar energy, e.g., from solar storms, and increased moisture are expected to enhance the intended effects of energy accumulation of the aerosol operations. The onset of operations in a particular region appear often to be predictable from the consideration of these and other factors, including aerosol concentration levels.

Changes in mass and kinetic energy are related through the equations of special relativity. Changes in mass will have an effect upon the gravitational field. Expected changes in the gravitational field from historical kinetic energy changes alone appear to be too low for detection with customary instrumentation by a factor of approximately 1 in 100,000. At a conceptual level, a decrease in the rotational rate of the earth is expected to produce a decrease in the gravitational field. Dimensional changes in the earth and mass displacements may act at a measurable level; GRACE satellite data may be a useful source of information for continued analysis.

Atmospheric pressure is expected to decrease, although the level of detection by instrumentation remains in question.

The expected increase in the radius of the earth as a result of decreasing angular momentum of the earth has previously been discussed.

There appears to be a strong relationship between the mass of a body, the angular velocity and the magnetic field strength at a macroscopic level. The foundation of this study indicates that the magnetic field strength is (commonly to one order of magnitude) proportional to the product of the mass and the square of the angular velocity of that body. The study is based upon data available from solar system measurements. This initial examination opens many prospects for the consideration of relationships between mass, gravity, magnetism, electromagnetics, velocity, momentum and kinetic energy, relativity dilations and quantum physics. The origin of ferromagnetism as a direct result of electron spin can not be ignored in conjunction with this finding. The general principle of magnetism as a result of mass in motion is also a derivative of this result. The magnetic field of the earth is expected, therefore, to continue to decrease with any decrease in the rotational rate of the earth.

Magnetic field variation in correspondence with solar flux variation appears to be easily measurable with fairly simple equipment. The variation with respect to aerosol operations, ELF-VLF propagation and astronomic events such as eclipses remains difficult to quantify.

Unusually high levels of ferromagnetism appear to be evident. The simulation of the conditions that best appear to reproduce this result include the removal of the ferromagnetism through heat, and the subsequent exposure of the material, e.g., steel, to high level magnetic fields. Artificial magnetic fields are a consideration in that result.

An estimate of the decline in the earth’s magnetic field strength as a function of a decrease in the earth’s rotational rate has been developed. Computations from the relationship indicate that this decline in magnetic field strength is a measureable amount, even by historical rates of changes in the earth’s rotational rate. If the rotational rate declines beyond historical standards, the magnitude only makes this decline in magnetic field strength easier to detect. An estimate as to when the magnetic field strength declines to zero is also available from the relationship that has been developed.

A relationship between the decline in magnetic field strength with respect to a decline in the gravity field has also been developed at a first level of approximation. The magnitude of this change does not appear to be measurable.

A hypothesis of a fundamental geophysical motive of the aerosol operations does remain under serious consideration. The fundamental question exists as to whether or not it is feasible that the aerosol operations could affect the kinetic energy state of the earth. A mechanism of energy interaction is under review at this time. An examination of the energy density of a plasma, applied to the earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere in particular, underlies the physics of this study. Analysis does indicate that is feasible to consider the prospect of an energized atmospheric plasma that exceeds the energy quota from kinetic energy changes in the earth. One method for increasing the energy state of the plasma involves the slow modulation of a high-frequency wave within the plasma, with the fundamental factor of influence being the ratio of the square of the plasma frequency to the square of the modulated frequency. Continued measurements support the existence of omnipresent ELF propagation at multiples of 4Hz. The fundamental objectives and methods of the HAARP facility can not be ignored in this analysis. A central question which remains is that of energy conversion efficiency; current analysis indicates that a conversion efficiency on the order of 10-6 (first estimate) is required between any kinetic energy changes of the earth and kinetic energy accumulated within the plasma of the atmosphere/ionosphere with an approximate plasma frequency of 3MHz modulated with ELF at 100Hz.. For interest sake, the conversion efficiency of the HAARP facility for ELF propagation is stated to be on the order of 10-8. An analysis of the time data indicates that a failure of affecting the kinetic energy state of the earth remains in effect, if indeed this exists as one viable motive of the aerosol operations,

All previously discussed applications of the aerosol operations, including environmental control, biological operations, electromagnetic operations, military operations and geophysical considerations remain substantiated with the research that has been conducted.

The consideration of directed biological operations upon the populace remains paramount. All factors discussed on this and previous pages act in a cumulative sense. There is no implied or stated act or motive of benevolence to the general human population within this research presentation.

Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 13, 2003
Edited Dec 17, 2003


Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 25 2003

There appears to be a correspondence between the magnitude of magnetic disturbance that results from an extreme solar storm and the magnitude of apparently artificial ELF-VLF pulse data that has been previously recorded by this researcher. This indicates that any artificially generated pulsed data that has been recorded by this same magnetometer, as is shown below, may also be acting on a global level. The role of the aerosols and the HAARP facility and the propagation of ELF-VLF energy, as is referenced in Magnetics, Aerosols & VLF should also be a consideration in the comparison which is made below.

The first graph below shows the extreme variation that occurred in the local magnetometer data collected at this site on October 24 2003 during one of the most momentous solar storms of recorded history. The energy that is shown in this graph was produced by an X class solar flare which had the potential to seriously affect military and communication systems around the globe. Observations were collected at one minute intervals, and the greatest activity is evident over an interval of approximately 6 hours.

Magnetometer Plot of Solar Storm of Oct 24 2003
Y Axis is Voltage
X Axis is Observation Number (1 observation per minute)

The reader should also observe the extreme anomalous magnetometer data also recorded below on April 05, 2003. The description of this data and the association with observed aerosol banks is provided on the page entitled Magnetics, Aerosols & VLF. It will be noticed that the magnitude of the pulsed and apparently artificial data shown below is on the same order as that which results from the extreme solar storm recorded above. The reader may also wish to review the HAARP Executive Summary referenced on this same page which makes note of the use of pulsed ELF-VLF propagation within that facility.

Magnetometer Pulse Data Logged 040503 at approx. 0845-2210
X Axis : Observation No. (1 per minute)
Y Axis : Volts   

The graph below clearly shows what appears to be artificially pulsed data recorded in the Very Low Frequency (VLF) range on this same date of April 05, 2003.

VLF Pulse Data Logged 040503 at approx. 1207-1225
X Axis : Observation No. (1 per second)
Y Axis : Frequency in KHz.